Qualities of a Good Dart Case

The choice of dart cases offers a lot of options that can be confusing if not overwhelming. Maybe you’re thinking of buying your first set but don’t know how to go about it. Or maybe you’re thinking of upgrading your current set.

Whatever the reasons are, the list below will help you determine how to find a good dart case.



Price is probably the first thing that can make you decide on the set of darts to go for. However, this could be a tricky situation because the factor of cost is not indicative of the quality of your experience. Simply put, becoming a better player or having a better performance is not because you purchased the most expensive set.

Soft tip or steel tip

Soft tip or steel tip darts should be decided on before you start looking for your new sets. For most players, this is not a major decision to make. It will all depend on the place you’re using the darts. It’s the board in your home, league or local pub that determines the right tips for your darts.

The Material of the dart barrels

The material used for constructing the barrels is an important thing to consider. Essential variables such as feel, weight, sturdiness, and size make the barrel’s composition crucial.

Generally, manufacturing dart barrels use materials such as tungsten, brass, a combination of different metals, and nickel.

  • The unique characteristics of tungsten barrels make them all-time favourites of professional dart players
  • The cheapest barrels are one made from brass. They are also the least durable
  • Nickel barrels are more expensive but sturdier


The point of contact between the dart and your fingers is the main function of the barrel. The grip is, therefore, an important thing to consider. Some barrels are heavily knotted while others are smooth. This is to ensure the proper friction for the grip. The bumps, cuts, ridges, and grooves found in the barrels’ designs are there to make it easier to grip and reduce slippage.

Shape and length

Shape and length is a personal choice. All sizes and shapes are given to darts from ones having slim and long cylinders to short torpedo styles. The size of the barrel depends on the way you hold the dart and the size of your hands. A longer barrel is needed when you tend to use more fingers to grip the dart.



Another personal choice is the weight of the dart. Your performance can be affected when the weight of the dart is not carefully chosen.

Generally, weightier darts will fly straight through the air. The precision factor brought by heavier darts makes them personal choices for advanced or seasoned players.

Beginners who seldom focus on accuracy make lighter darts the perfect choice. Again, weight is a personal choice whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player.


Stems or shafts

The choice of shafts is important as they provide the dart’s stability as it flies through the air. Generally, the flight becomes unstable with longer dart shafts. However, bounces are also reduced by the longer shafts. In the same manner, shorter shafts may provide flight stability but increase bounce-outs.


Are you on the market for a new set of darts? Or are you thinking of buying your first set of darts? Search online for quality sellers of dart cases.

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