Precautionary Tips on Jet Ski Service in Gold Coast

When jet skiing is done safely, it can be a very enjoyable experience! But you should note that this is as long as it is done with caution. With so many places to try jet skiing on the Gold Coast, you will have so many options to choose from all while getting a memorable experience no matter where you decide to go!


Jet Skiing Safety Rules!


Before heading out on the lake, there are a few rules to be aware of in order to have an enjoyable and safe journey on the water. Let’s take a look at some important things for every jet skier to be aware of!


Never ride near swimmers

Being aware of your surroundings is 100% obligated as a jet skier. You should never drive near swimmers, and if needed, turn off your engine if possible or cruise at a very low speed. There are two reasons for this, not only might you hit a swimmer by going too fast, but your waves good also put a swimmer in trouble.


Be equipped with safety equipment

In most areas of the world, it is required by law for all boat riders and jet skiers to be wearing a life jacket. Jet skiing has an even higher risk than boating, so not wearing a life jacket is a horrible idea even if your area does not require it.

Be old enough to operate the machine

Somewhere on the jet ski you are using or in the driver handbook of the machine, should be a minimum age to operate the jet ski. If you are unable to find this, confirm the legal age, you must be to drive one in your area before operating. The reason for minimum driver ages on such vehicles is that younger drivers increase the chance of an unseen incident while using the jet ski. Younger drivers may also face more difficulty keeping the machine in control during use.


Do not drive in the dark

Ensuring that you are driving when your vision is clear is important. Typically, try to drive only between 9am and 6pm, this may vary depending on the daylight times in your area. Driving too early or late will cause for other boaters, jet skiers, etc. to potentially not see you and cause major problems which could lead to a deadly situation on the lake.


Never drive under the influence

Just like any vehicle, it is never safe to drive under the influence. If you have taken any drugs or consumed any alcohol, it is suggested to stay away from the water and even more importantly, jet skis. People under the influence are more likely to make bad decisions, and this can affect your vision when driving. Now that you have seen a few important things to remember for the safe operation of any jet ski be sure to take notes of them and to always consider these steps before operating your jet ski. Always enjoy your ride, in a safe way!


Most important tip of all is to regularly get your jet ski serviced to ensure that all its parts are still in good working condition.