Why Participate in Martial Arts?

Currently, many people take martial arts as an integral part of their life. You will come across many individuals practicing martial arts as a hobby, a sport, mental well-being, emotional well-being, a physical regimen, and as an artistic expression.

As a result, we can see that martial art is more of the traditional disciplines Karate, Krav Maga or boxing, Mixed, Martial Arts, Judo or Jujitsu, and many more.

In this article, I’m going to show you the main reasons why you should participate in Martial arts.  These are:

Increased Mobility

Many of the disciplines for martial arts depends essentially on mobility and agility. If you’re such an individual who’s after building your response of the body to pressure and improve your capability of getting across the ground, martial art is the best and the safe-fire way to go for.

Also, if you’re experiencing feelings such as a bit of a slouch, you should participate in martial arts to get you moving with an added agility. This is essential due to the speed and movement connected to martial arts such as Capoeira.

To Become Strong and Powerful

Martial art is the best choice to go for if you want a strong and powerful physical body.

This effect becomes even evident when it comes to training in Taekwondo, which entails a tremendous amount of strength in executing complex moves and kicks. As a result, this ends up improving your entire body musculature.

If you engage in continuous muscular training, you end up creating a strong foundation for a variety of martial arts. Therefore, this is the best path to follow, in the case where you’re after leaning and building strength.

Here, consider martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or Karate.

For Improved Flexibility

You become even more flexible whenever you engage in disciplines like acrobatic evasions, aggressive throws, and high kicks. For the successful execution of these moves, you require a high degree of flexibility. Therefore, if you want to improve your flexibility, consider engaging in martial arts like Muay Thai or MMA.

For Great Amount of Stability and Coordination

Other flexibility, whenever you engage in activities like Krav Maga, you enhance increased stability and coordination. For the successful execution of the effective moves, you should consider becoming more stable, mostly on the lower body for a steady and confident base.

Also, if you’re such individual who always experiences a lapse in the basic coordination skills or prone to clumsiness, you should consider incorporating Sunshine Coast martial arts to your physical training.

Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Decrease

You’ll realise that most disciplines for martial arts need fitness training. If you’re such an individual who wants to see your body in the state, martial arts should not be an option. They play an essential role in allowing you to gain valuable disciplines and skills at the same time.

For martial arts entailing continuous and agile movements at a relatively high intensity, you’ll realise that they require a fitness level which ends up playing an essential role in lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

Mental Concentration

For martial arts such as Tang Soo Do and Karate, you need a certain amount of perseverance and mental acuity. These are essential as they help you in remembering and executing several moves or even foiling your opponent. This ends up refining your ability to sustain and focus mental concentration.


In addition to not go unnoticed, fluorescent colors will strengthen your combat. According to a British study from 2008, the red color puts you in a position of “dominant”. The researchers observed the behavior of 12 football goalkeepers, placed in front of videos of penaltys. They analyzed their combination of looks on the players and evaluated their impressions, to know when these guards felt more confident against the opponent and were certain to be able to stop the ball. These results showed that the goalkeepers were more sure to stop the penalty when the player facing them wore a white jersey rather than a red jersey. The color would have, according to this study, a considerable impact on the behavior of the sportsman, on these sports expectations and these physical impressions.

neon sportswear 04

By choosing red, you send a strong signal to your mind: there is no question that you back away. You will do everything to reach your goal.


Performing a regular physical activity allows you to act in favor of your mood, since the sport encourages the hormonal secretion of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, which contribute to relax you, to give you more energy, to evacuate the stress and give you a smile. Add to this detonating hormonal cocktail the positive impact of color by wearing fluo sportswear. The neon yellow brings cheerfulness and good humor. He is a solar symbol, which awakens your mind. It stimulates visual activity for high vigilance. You are lively and alert during your FizzUp session. You are fully in the moment.

The FizzUp tip: The Ignite Dual PUMA shoes provide comfort and flexibility through a Flex notch on the front foot. Take care of the comfort of your feet will allow you to meet no obstacles until the end of your session FizzUp.


Some colors would act in favor of your sports performance. A 2005 British study recalls that red is a sign of strong masculinity, linked to testosterone , but shows above all that the wearing of this color is associated with a greater probability of victory in a sporting competition, and therefore with better performance. The color of sportswear should, according to these researchers, be taken into account to place athletes in fair conditions.

fluos sportswear 05

Make the choice of red, which will help you reach your physical goal. This color would stimulate muscle tension, blood pressure and heart rate. You will send a strong signal to your brain and you will prove to yourself that you are now one of the people who can act to achieve what they desire.


Wearing neon sportswear has a real interest when you launch a new sporting challenge. Why ? Simply because colors have great power over your mind. They would be very useful to help you achieve your sporting goal. The coach FizzUp gives you 5 reasons to opt for a flashy sports outfit.


Vision is a sensation that occurs not at the level of the eye, but at the level of the brain. It is therefore the latter who reacts according to the visual information provided. For millennia, thinkers and researchers have been trying to demonstrate the impact of color on our body and mind. In some cultures, such as India or China, colors have very strong, sometimes even mystical, meanings that may come into conflict with the Western vision of colors. For example, black is not associated with mourning and sadness in China.

Opting for neon sportswear is a way to stimulate your body and mind before and during your FizzUp session. Fluo catches the eye and the attention. It is an unstoppable tip to fight against lack of motivation . For example, prepare your sportswear the day before your session. The next day, when you’re hesitant to start your FizzUp app, your sportswear will remind you that you’ve already made a good resolution. The flash colors will stimulate you and make you want to spend.

fluos sportswear 02

The trick FizzUp: The fluo scares you? It’s not about turning yourself into a stabilo! Bring touches of neon colors into your wardrobe, taking care of the details. Choose Ignite Dual PUMA shoes that combine touches of neon red with the elegance of black and white. Also look at the seams of your clothes that may include neon-colored notes. A colorful t-shirt perfectly accompanies a plain black shorts. Or do the opposite! Opt for a low neon details and a plain simple top.



Wearing neon sportswear encourages dynamism. Think of the red that brings you vitality and excitement. It is the color of the action, since it would be able to raise the blood pressure. Red is directly related to heat. Suffice to say that a red t-shirt is almost as competent as a FizzUp warm-up to prepare you for the effort.

Prefer fluorescent yellow if you are not a fan of red. It symbolizes openness, clarity and energy. It is reminiscent of a bright and positive atmosphere. He gives you fishing and prepares you serenely for sport. With the W TRANSITION PUMA fluo leggings , you’ve found ways to strengthen your mind. Carried away by the fluo, it does not oppose any resistance. Your sporting effort seems easier to provide.

neon sportswear

The trick FizzUp: Unlike blue that soothes and plunges you into a state of relaxation, red and yellow promote a state of physical expenditure. Be careful, you will beat all your progress scores!