Lawn Bowl Shoes

Buying Your First Pair of Lawn Bowl Shoes

If you are looking to buy lawn bowl shoes for the first time, you might be wondering where and how to start. You don’t get to see lawn bowl shoes outside the bowling area. This is why people don’t even have an idea regarding what they should be buying. However, if you are keen on playing the game, you do need a pair of shoes for that. The following tips would help you buy the right pair of shoes.

Rent before you buy

If you are a first time player it’s usually helpful to rent a pair of lawn bowl shoes instead of buying new ones. This is because a new pair of shoes can be pretty expensive and if you are simply looking to try out the game to see whether you like it or no, renting a pair of shoes is more economical and smarter. Though if you are careful you might be able to find a pair which fits well, start by looking at shops which offer shoes on rent. Once you start playing and if you enjoy yourself, you could always get your hands on a new pair.

Lawn bowl shoe types

Lawn bowl shoes come in a variety of designs and fits. You would need to go through quite a few pairs before you find ones which fit well and which help you achieve a better game. Shoes which are too expensive are probably built for experts and which can help achieve a better gaming performance. If you want to achieve a pro level while playing, make sure you get a classic pair by all means. However, this doesn’t mean that cheaper shoes aren’t a good option. It’s all about finding a pair of lawn bowl shoes which fit well and help you play better.

Also lawn bowl shoes should be the right fit. For that you need to have the width of your foot measured properly. Buying shoes online is alright if you know the right shoe size. If you don’t then you need to visit a store which sells or deal in lawn bowl shoes. The professionals there would help you find a pair which fits well.

Things to look out for when buying lawn bowling shoes

  • Look for shoes which have a complete leather upper. The natural material allows the shoes to be breathable and doesn’t make your feet feel stuffy.
  • The inner soles should be anti-bacterial.
  • Also make sure that the soles are non-slip
  • Men and women have a different pair of lawn bowl shoes
  • The styles my vary to look more feminine or aesthetically appealing for women
  • It is important that the lawn bowl shoes are lightweight to help you keep up a good performance
  • When buying shoes make sure you are buying from a licensed seller. So get to know f there is a return policy for shoes which might not fit and whether you could exchange those for another pair.