Buying Sneakers

Buying sneakers in New Zealand

Buying sneakers anywhere is often a time consuming and potentially expensive endeavor, and sneaker shopping in New Zealand is no different. Trying on a couple pairs of shoes gets old pretty fast and can even cause some pain if you try to push your feet into shoes that aren’t the right fit for you. Also, having to juggle which type of shoe you need for a certain type of event or activity can give you more stress than needed.

However, there are a few tips and tricks that are universal for shoe shopping and can help you spend less money, time, and energy at the shoe store.

1.) What are you buying these shoes for?

Believe it or not, the brand name or store retail you buy your shoes at isn’t as important as where you buy them. If you need shoes for athletic purposes seek out a sporting-goods store, if your needs are for casual sneakers then go to a department store. Each store will cater to your needs better and allow you to focus solely on the shoes you are buying, without having to sift through options you don’t need.

2.) Know your foot size.

Our feet swell up during the day, and at the afternoon they are normally at their largest, so shopping in the late afternoon means that you can buy shoes that will fit your feet at their biggest, but also still be comfortable when they shrink. The shape of your foot is also important as well. The height of the heel of your shoe can cause problems because a too high heel can ruin the front of your foot, while a too low heel can cause knee problems or overstretched tendons.

3.) Talk to the salesperson

The salespeople at shoe stores are very knowledgeable about what type of shoes you need for a certain activity. If you know what type of shoes you enjoyed wearing, your foot problems or any pain you’ve had, or other troubles you can communicate that to a sales person and they can help you find the specific type of shoe that relates to the information you give them. If you are looking for exercise specific shoes, you should give the salesperson a description of your exercise plan so they can help find a shoe that can fit your workout schedule and budget.

In conclusion, simply using common knowledge and asking for help about the type of shoe that could work best for you will help you get in and out of the shoe store and back to putting that new pair of sneakers to good use doing the activities that you are passionate about!